Sticky Notes #3: Polymer is a nice JavaScript Library

At alfa media we are using Polymer for a growing number of products. Definitely, it is not among the most popular JavaScript libraries if you count Stackoverflow questions. But it works for us very nicely. It has a small footprint, growing native browser support, is based on web standards, it’s fast and has good tooling support in Visual Studio Code. So I might write a longer post in the future, but for the moment I just want to collect a link list.

I think I will write some blog post about my adventures with Polymer. Currently I am looking into combining it with Cordova and writing a web component, that allows drawing and sketching with an Apple Pencil.

Sticky Note #2: Some Fuji X100F Links

Recently I bought a Fuji X100F – a wonderful retro style camera. I absolutely love it, even though I am still struggling to master it. I like to share some links, that I found helpful recently.

Hopefully, I can publish some nice photos soon.

Sticky Note #1: Python 3.6 is awesome

Python 3.6 has been released just before Christmas. A great new release of my favorite programming language!

It includes some nice additions to the language: f-strings, asynchronous generators, asynchronous comprehensions, asyncio has been stabilized and a lot more.

Here are some handy links to get up to date with this new release.

Image credit: Quinn Dombrowski. Shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.