Hi, I’m Oliver from Koblenz. You visit my personal blog about all the things I like. What will be always part of the mix are technology topics. I am totally addicted to everything tech. Preferably gadgets, software development and the internet.

My catch line states, that I enjoy to work with people too. This mostly applies to my job. I work as the Head of Engineering for alfa media in Germany. There I lead the team of developers and interact a lot with our customers besides researching into technology topics too. At alfa media we are doing software development for the media industry.

As much as I enjoy technology, I enjoy a very good cup of cappuccino or plain coffee. That is the reason for the cover picture of this page. If you ever want to do me a favor or help me to relax after a stressful day, invite me on a good cup of coffee.

You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, Github, LinkedIn and Xing. Feel free to contact me.

Image Credits: Lex Sirikiat on Unsplash