Sticky Notes #3: Polymer is a nice JavaScript Library

At alfa media we are using Polymer for a growing number of products. Definitely, it is not among the most popular JavaScript libraries if you count Stackoverflow questions. But it works for us very nicely. It has a small footprint, growing native browser support, is based on web standards, it’s fast and has good tooling support in Visual Studio Code. So I might write a longer post in the future, but for the moment I just want to collect a link list.

I think I will write some blog post about my adventures with Polymer. Currently I am looking into combining it with Cordova and writing a web component, that allows drawing and sketching with an Apple Pencil.

Good Introductory Books on Machine and Deep Learning

Without a doubt my beloved Python is the Lingua Franca for machine learning these days. Tons of create tools by Google, Facebook and other big players make it easy to learn about machine learning. All offer a great Python API. At Amazon you find 200+ books teaching you stuff about machine learning using Python. A lot of material to choose from. And from my point of view, also a lot of material to fail with. Let me recommend two books I find particularly helpful, when you want to learn something about these fascinating fields and start to dive into one of the hottest topics in tech at the moment.

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DSGVO, GDPR und WordPress im Griff (?)

Sorry, this time it will be a posting in German. We are all struggling to comply with GDPR or DSGVO as we call it in Germany. But as I am mostly linking to german resources, I decided to write the whole post in German. benutzt WordPress und langsam rückte der 28.5. immer näher, so dass ich mir überlegen musste, wie ich mit dem Blog weiter verfahren wollte. Die Panik-Mache in meiner Filter-Bubble war groß. Mancherorts sah man schon den Untergang der Blogger-Szene in Deutschland voraus.

Für einen kurzen Moment ergriff mich auch die Panik. Schliesslich ist das hier ein low-volume Blog, dass hin und wieder ein Update erfährt. Also dicht machen das Ganze? Ne, dafür ist es mir zu schade. Und ich will ja eigentlich viel mehr schreiben, aber die liebe Zeit…

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Sticky Note #2: Some Fuji X100F Links

Recently I bought a Fuji X100F – a wonderful retro style camera. I absolutely love it, even though I am still struggling to master it. I like to share some links, that I found helpful recently.

Hopefully, I can publish some nice photos soon.


After my first steps with Lambda, Zappa and Flask I created some small applications to try various Zappa configuration options and play with some AWS services. Setting up the project got pretty boring after the second or third toy project. But for python developers there is a solution to automate these tasks – cookiecutter.

I created a cookiecutter template to easily and quickly create a new project, that can be deployed on AWS Lambda and uses Flask along with some other goodies. Checkout the README and the Pipfile.

Here is a short video that demostrates how to use cookiecutter-flask-lambda and create, deploy and undeploy a new project. It won’t get any easier to deploy your Flask based web application.

This site uses WP YouTube Lyte to embed YouTube video’s. The thumbnails are loaded from YouTube servers, but those are not tracked by YouTube (no cookies are being set). Upon clicking on the play button however, YouTube can and will collect information about you.

Zappa and Flask-S3 take care of all the heavy lifting of deploying to AWS Lambda. We can focus on creating the web application.


Image credit: Luke Loughead. Shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

First Steps with AWS Lambda, Zappa, Flask and Python 3

Update: After receiving some feedback, that it is not obvious if you need to use Python 2 or 3 for this article, I decided, that I want to update it all the way for Python 3. AWS Lambda supports it, Zappa supports it and we all want Python 3!

I wanted to try out AWS Lambda for a while now. But it took some time to find a reasonable development task that fits this infrastructure. Serverless deployment is very intriguing, escpecially for someone like me that doesn’t enjoy to fiddle with servers, operating systems and stuff.

No, I won’t reveal any detals about my project yet. But I want to share my experiences building a simple webapp – the good old hello world example – and deploy it on AWS Lambda.

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Sticky Note #1: Python 3.6 is awesome

Python 3.6 has been released just before Christmas. A great new release of my favorite programming language!

It includes some nice additions to the language: f-strings, asynchronous generators, asynchronous comprehensions, asyncio has been stabilized and a lot more.

Here are some handy links to get up to date with this new release.

Image credit: Quinn Dombrowski. Shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

Hammerspoon – a great tool to automate your Mac

Honestly, Hammerspoon is an awesome tool to automate your macOS computer. It can react to system events, keyboard shortcuts and much more. Just have a look at its API and the Getting Started Guide. It is made for people that are not afraid to use an editor and code in the sweet programming language Lua. If you can code, it is more then sufficient to take a look at Learn Lua in Y Minutes to get a good grasp of Lua.

I could successfully replace 5 tools (CaffeineMoomKeyboard Maestro and Browserism) with a single script, that works much better and is way slimmer then these tools.

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A New Beginning

It’s the end of 2016 and I feel the strong urge to start a new blog. Recently, my life has changed significantly. I got seriously ill this summer. Of course my top priority is to completely recover until early 2017. But besides that I have a lot of time to spend on reading, researching, developing and writing about my favorite tech topics. So, this time the topic of the blog is strictly tech and nerd stuff. Nothing else! I also decided to write in English in order to strengthen my English writing skills. And apparently you have to deal with it.

So far I have planned some posts about Hammerspoon, machine learning and data science with Python, Cookiecutter for Django and some book reviews. We will see what I can accomplish.

Image credit: Mark Sebastian. Shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.