18. Stuttgarter Wissensforum

Kennt ihr das, wenn ihr durch Zufall auf einem guten Event landet? So ging es mir gestern. Vor einigen Wochen oder Monaten fragte mich unsere Marketingchefin, ob ich nicht Lust hätte mit ihr zum 18. Stuttgarter Wissensforum zu fahren. Der Titel klang erst mal ein bisschen langweilig. Kein Hinweis auf ein cooles Barcamp. Kein trendiger englischer Name. Kein hipper Kunstname. Aber hey! Matthew Mockridge als Speaker – der liefert an sich immer gute Impulse. Der Rest der Speaker und Themen klang auch gut. Günstig war der Event obendrein. Der Entschluss hinzugehen, war definitiv ein guter.

How to Setup a Fresh React App

Recently I held a two-day React workshop for parts of my team. We decided to switch to React to all our new products after we had successfully used it in some experiments. During the training, we also talked about, how to set up a new React project using create-react-app.

In this blog post, I want to document, how I set up my React projects. Basically, it is the same as we do at work, but we also include some commercially licensed tools, too.

There and Back Again

Some months ago I left wordpress.com because of a little bit of gdpr hysteria. I hosted my own WordPress instance, which I believed to be totally bullet proof and secure. It was not. A view weeks after I moved to my own hosting, I got hacked and from there on my blog was a link spammer. As soon as I noticed the hack, I took down the whole site and in a fit of rage, I deleted all content. A bad decision, but now irreversible.

Here we go. A fresh blog. A fresh start.

Image Credits: Danielle MacInnes